Patients A – G

Below are some brief summaries – as I write a blog post about each woman, I will add a hyperlink to their name which you will be able to click on to read their full story.

Maria Adams – father was a gentleman’s groom. He died aged 53 of acute bronchitis when she was 24. In 1909, Maria was widowed aged 50; husband Thomas died aged 52 of nephritis and uraemia (7 days) and paralysis (2 days). Maria was a patient in Temple Lodge in 1911. I have not yet found out what happened to her after that. 

Daisy Blanche Aldin – Daisy Blanche Finch was born in 1875 in Chatham, Kent. Her father Joseph was a Company Sergeant Major, but by the time she was 5, Daisy’s mother Harriett died, he was working as a licensed victualler. Daisy grew up in pubs. Daisy’s father died when she was 9. In 1893, Daisy married Arthur Reginald Aldin, a builder’s clerk. By the end of 1897 they had separated, no children. The 1901 census finds Daisy (25) was living with William W Cousins (42, a surveyor/valuer). Was in Temple Lodge c1903-6. Later had an affair with a bus driver and moved in with him. Daisy took an overdose of laudanum after what the newspaper headlines described as “A Fit of the Blues” and it seems that this was the reason for her admission to Temple Lodge.

Elsa May Bagley – born c1877 (1911 census) Killarney, Ireland, the daughter of a surgeon. Elsa married George Bagley, a meat salesman. Their son John Marmaduke Bagley was born in 1908. At the time of the 1911 census, when Elsa was in Temple Lodge, there is a John M Bagley living at Mount Charles Cottage Lower Warberry Road, Torquay, Tormoham, Devon with the Young family – needs further research to confirm. Seems to have parted from John’s father. Elsa later lived with Angus Stott.

Clarice Maude Barwell – Clarice’s ‘husband’ was retired Major General William Barwell Browne Barwell. He was previously married to Elise Victorine Barwell (the daughter of a German Count) & went through a very public divorce; in the divorce papers his wife claimed he was emotionally & physically abusive. His divorce was finalised in 1896, in the 1901 census he was living with Clarice as his wife, but I can find no marriage for them; it may be that they did not marry. He died in 1922 and his death was registered by his servant. I can find no birth, marriage or death for Clarice.

Edith Ellen Boughton – Edith Wyatt was a vicar’s daughter, born 1854 in Walton, Staffordshire. She married a doctor, William Boughton, and they moved first to Suffolk and then to Australia (Hastings, Victoria) but Edith couldn’t settle and returned home within a year. Her sister Ethel Violet Wyatt went out to Australia too, possibly at the same time. She was admitted to an asylum in Herefordshire, then spent time in Temple Lodge, and died in an asylum is Suffolk.

Fanny Agnes Brook – Fanny Agnes Gilbert was born in London c1856. Fanny (19) married Frederick Henry Brook (20, a commercial clerk) on 2 Nov 1874 at St Peter, Walworth, Southwark.

Minnie Bugler – born 1868 in Weymouth, Dorset. Minnie married George Bugler (a cab driver) in 1889. He also ran a pub for a while. 2 children. On 9th May 1891, Minnie’s daughter Lilian Maud died aged 4 months, having suffocated in bed. 1911 – Minnie was in Temple Lodge. Her son Harold died in 1917, serving in WW1. Minnie died aged 50 of cerebral atrophy and pneumonia on 5th January 1921 at Herrison (Psychiatric) Hospital in Charminster, Dorset.

Dora Cardwell – Dora was born Dora Ann Stock in Weston-super-Mare c1856. Dora’s father James was a mason. She married Austin Cardwell in 1885. They lived in Wells, Somerset. 1901 census – Dora was in Temple Lodge. Dora died aged 63 of cancer of the tongue.

Elizabeth Ann Carless – took a laudanum overdose in 1896. Seems to have been sent to Temple Lodge on this basis. I have found 2 newspaper articles, both related to this event, neither mention alcohol. I have not yet found enough firm evidence to find Elizabeth in the censuses.

Emily Mary Grace Carlile – Emily Mary Grace Milford was born in 1866 in Exeter, Devon. In 1890, when she was 25 and he was 60, Emily married George Byron Carlile, a florist and fruiterer. They lived in Exeter. Their son William Byron Milford Carlile was born in 1891. Emily had multiple convictions for obtaining goods by false pretences. At the time of the 1911 census, Emily (45) was an inmate in the H M Female Convict Prison and State Reformatory, Bierton Hill, Aylesbury. William Carlile emigrated to Canada & served in WW1 before dying of influenza in 1919. The 1939 Register finds Emily in Birmingham, occupation given as “Unpaid Domestic Duties Old Age Pensioner”. Emily died aged 77 in 1944.

Mary Chew – daughter of a labourer, husband was in the Royal Engineers. Son John died 1862-1879. Daughter Clara was born in 1877 and died aged 8 months. Mary had several convictions for stealing bed linen following death of her 14-year-old son from meningitis. Mary died aged 71 in Plymouth.

Julia Cohen – there are several candidates for Julia Cohen in the censuses. One ran a pub. Needs further research.

Susan Gertrude Collyer – Susan was born c1852 in Dublin, Ireland. In 1866 she married Henry de Castro Collyer, a high-ranking clergyman. In 1881, Henry allegedly had an affair with a servant and tried to blame it on his verger.

Bessie Jane Conibear – born 1855 in Ilfracombe, Devon, daughter of a German musician, Charles Keneke. Lived in Ilfracombe. Married a draper, later became a postman. No children. Bessie’s mother died when Bessie was 36 of heart failure following excessive consumption of alcohol. In 1901, Bessie broke into a woman’s house and stole a large number of articles. Went to Temple Lodge as part of her sentence. Bessie died aged 75 in Ilfracombe in 1931.

Fanny Crosky

Frances Elizabeth Day

Alice Emmeline Docker – Alice died in 1927. She was the daughter of Ralph Docker, a county coroner.

Jessie Gibson – I have found two newspaper articles, one in 1890 – drunk & disorderly and another in 1895 – keeping a disorderly home – but I need corroborating evidence to establish whether it’s her.

Susan Mary Grant – born Susan Mary Walker in 1847 in London, daughter of a furniture dealer. In 1869 Susan married Edward Grant, a draper’s assistant. She was widowed aged 25. Susan worked as a dress and mantle maker. In 1903, she tried to commit suicide by throwing herself into a pond on Hampstead Heath. She was pulled out unconscious and resuscitated. Her brother said that she “was brought down to what she was through drink” and offered to pay for her to go into an inebriates home. Susan was sent to Temple Lodge. Susan died aged 71 in 1916 in Canterbury.

Madeline Gostick – Madeline Annie Hall was born in 1861 in Kentish Town, Middlesex. She was the daughter of undertaker Robert Hall and his wife Priscilla Elizabeth nee Dickerson. Madeline married William Gostick, a Wine Merchant Manager, in 1885. In 1912 she was charged with drunkenness and had already had two stays in Temple Lodge.