Patients R – W

Below are some brief summaries – as I write a blog post about each woman, I will add a hyperlink to their name which you will be able to click on to read their full story.

Annie Elizabeth Roe – work in progress – 1 newspaper article – stole a prayer book. Needs further research.

Mary Ann Rolles – 3 newspaper articles, all for drunkenness. Needs further research.

Mary Rollinson – Mary Crombleholme was born 1868 in Peckham, London, daughter of a law clerk. She married Ernest Rollinson, a car mechanic. After their marriage, they travelled in Ireland, then moved to Bath. In 1909, she accused her husband of assault. When the 1911 census was taken, Mary (aged 39) was living in Bath, Somerset. She was admitted to Bristol Infirmary, left the establishment under the influence of drink and was crushed under the horses of a cab.

Mary B Rooney

Amelia Caroline Simpson

Emma Shaw – born in 1849, father was a wealthy publisher. Emma was beset by severe mental health problems, which caused some challenging behaviours. She stabbed a telegraph clerk above the eye, and set fire to her hotel room. Despite this, she travelled widely. She inherited a house and a substantial allowance from her father, which her cousins challenged via the Commissions and Inquisitions of Lunacy. Emma died aged 50 at Nelson House, Nelson Street, South Manchester in 1901.

Sarah Shilston

Maud Florence Skinner

Louisa Sloane

Jane Sly

Fanny Taylor

Augusta Ann Thorpe

Mary Tremaine

Edith Jane Turner

Mary Warne

Ellen Wellington

Jane Maria Weston

Margaret Eleanor Wilde

Alice Williams

Mrs Wray

Clara Stella Wyatt – Clara is one of my (collateral) ancestors, and is the lady who started me on this project. She was born in Bath in 1864 at 42 Southgate Street to John and Jane (nee Cromwell) Denman. Clara’s mother Jane died  when Clara was 6.  Clara married Henry Wyatt, then a commercial traveller (salesman), later a publican. His parents had run several pubs in Bath. Several of their children died in infancy. The couple ran two pubs in Bath – the Green Park Tavern and The Britannia Inn. Clara was a patient in Temple Lodge in 1901. Clara died aged 37 in 1903 at The Britannia Inn, Bath.